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Welcome to Chat. Please follow the rules. | New here? Use !help for more information. Disclaimer, if needed, we'll work with BKA (The Federal Criminal Police Office of Germany) and follow all german laws. Any questions?


- By entering this chat room, you agree to these rules. If you misbehave, you will be warned and/or kicked out.
- We reserve the right to kick any user at anytime.

1.) No links to any pornography, gore/corpses, violence, zoophilia or markets. Asking/Sharing of any of these will result in a kick.
2.) Be respectful towards other chatters. No flaming, bigotry, or harassment.
3.) Don't scam, spam, or post info that endangers anyone's anonymity or safety.
4.) Don't discuss or engage in the attacking of members, guests, sites or services.

Follow all German Laws. Any questions:

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